RITHS Higher Diploma qualifications are Endorsed by ATHE, the UK’s Leading awarding body. Globally recognized British qualifications for you.



RITHS Higher Diploma is recognized by several Indian as well as foreign universities for Direct Final Year admission to undergraduate degree programs.


RITHS have direct collaboration with foreign universities and Guaranteed Direct final year admission to selected foreign universities.



RITHS – Lowest tuition fees in India.



RITHS Free Student Visa assistance will help you to file your VISA application promptly and timely. (Statutory Declaration: RITHS is an educational institution and will not guarantee Student Visa for our students. 100% positive visas in the past may not be a guarantee / benchmark / assurance for future students). 



RITHS students will be given guidance and support to obtain educational loan.



We have a large number of student or alumni base at UK/Singapore/Australia, will support you to settle in the University for your studies.



Credit transfer facility open to all university students pursuing same courses.



After all, RITHS successfully transferring our students to direct final year at selected UK universities since 2006. Our students rank amongst the best students in our partner university. History is our evidence.


RITHS have direct partnership / collaboration with Foreign Universities will help you to obtain direct final year admission within hours.


RITHS is the premier institution in India,  offering direct final year for Engineering degree courses to foreign universities, with 100% track-record.



98% placement record with highest salaries.



Transparent and truthful. Website compile with the Right to Information Act. No hidden documents or information. 





RITHS…The Leader of Foreign University Twinning Courses in India